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Rm1619   Ramsdellite

Mistake mine, Sam Powell Peak, Box Canyon, Yavapai Co., Arizona, United States

Very rich ramsdellite specimen, a rare manganese oxide, formed by several interpenetrated and some isolated groups of well defined crystals. Brilliance is really notable and on matrix. Ramsdellite from this small and defunct mine in a remote corner of Arizona was first found, in the early 1900s. However, the locality was apparently lost for some time and only rediscovered by the father/son team of Roy Jones and Dick Jones in the 1960s. These specimens are from a recent found in 2016.

Size: 8.0 x 3.6 x 2.8 cm.
Main crystal: 6 x 5 mm.
Found in 11/2016.

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RM1925   Wavellite

Mauldin Mountain Quarries, Mauldin Mt., Montgomery Co., Arkansas, United States

Wavellite specimens from Arkansas are becoming rare from this locality. In this remarkable sample we can see globular aggregates of crystals of this phosphate, with a second generation that covers them partially and of a lighter green color. Good color and aesthetics. A real classic.

Size: 7.8 x 7 x 3.4 cm.

Classic locality
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RM1936   Inesite

Hale Creek Mine, Mad River Rock, Trinity Co., California, United States

This specimen of good size and quality comes from a classic North American locality for the species. Numerous pink crystals of inesite coat the interior of a vug in the matrix. Crystals of inesite are very sharp and brilliant. A good piece of this ancientlocality.

Size: 12 x 9.2 x 5 cm.
Main crystal: 5 x 2 mm

Classic locality

RM1869   Baryte

Sterling Mine, Leeson Pocket, Stoneham, Weld Co., Colorado, United States

A very aesthetic cluster of prismatic, lustrous and gemmy, ice-blue baryte crystals with minor calcite from the named Leeson Pocket at the famous Stoneham locality of Colorado. The form is excellent and the largest crystals are doubly terminated. This fine piece is from the major 1989 finds and purchased to E. Kucera (Barcelona). Nearly pristine, only one crystal on the periphery is broken. An excellent specimen, uncommon in the market. A really interesting article in Rocks and Minerals available here.

Size: 6 x 3 x 2 cm.
Main crystal: 53 x 12 mm.
Found in ±1989.

Col. J.M. Manchion, Barcelona. #477, 1989 Kucera.
Classic locality

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RM1518   Baryte

Linwood Mine, Buffalo, Scott Co., Iowa, United States

Amazing 360º smoky, translucent, lustrous, doubly terminated crystal of baryte, with two curious smaller perpendicular crystals. Sample shows two different terminal faces, one is well defined with different orthorhombic prisms and pinacoids. The other one is really complex, with rounded faces. Very interesting inclusions, visible due to the excellent transparence of the crystal. No damage, no exfoliated faces. Very rare on the market.

Size: 9.0 x 4.2 x 3.9 cm.

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RM891   Copper

Quincy Mine, Hancock, Houghton Co., Michigan, United States

Good sized specimen of native copper showing complex crystal faces, typical of these specimens, with good color, brilliance and aesthetics. This specimen is from the findings made in the mid-90 in this American mine. It has not been treated with chemicals, so its color and brightness are natural.

Size: 6.0 x 4.8 x 2.8 cm.
Found in ±1995.

Peso / weight: 141 g. - 4.97 oz.
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RM1835   Callaghanite

Sierra Magnesite Mine, Gabbs, Nye Co., Nevada, United States

Callaghanite is an very rare copper magnesium carbonate, known from only a few localities worldwide. This specimen has bright royal-blue microcrystals and hails from the Type Locality in Nevada. Good size and rich sample.

Size: 5.2 x 4.8 x 3.8 cm

Type Locality - Localidad Tipo
Classic locality

RM1712   Turquoise

Royston Mine, Royston, Nye Co., Nevada, United States

Curious specimen of turquoise, authentic turquoise, of a slightly greenish blue color, forming globular and elongated nucleus, in a matrix of goethite with other phosphates as possibly strengite. It is slightly polished which allows us to see perfectly the forms that the phosphate takes inside the matrix.

Size: 6.5 x 4.0 x 3.2 cm.

Col. J.M. Manchion (Barcelona)

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RM1711   Variscita

Little Green Monster Variscite Mine, Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Oquirrh Mts, Utah, United States

A really aesthetic green variscite specimen from the occurrence at Clay Canyon. The polished specimen hosts a whitish crandallite. Variscite is known from dozens of localities around the world, but the specimens from Utah are amongst the better pieces from the United States. The species is named for the German district of Variscia, which was the medieval name for modern-day Vögtland.

Size: 9.8 x 5.5 x 4.6 cm. (2 unidades)

Ex. L. Daunis (Barcelona)
Price: 180 €Buy

RM1902   Topaz

Topaz Mountain, Thomas Range, Juab, Utah, United States

Groups of topaz crystals aesthetically disposed on a rhyolite matrix. Some of them isolated and very rich in faces. They show very well defined faces and edges, with an excellent transparency and a uniform tone. From a classic locality.


Size: 7.5 x 7 x 4.5 cm.
Main crystal: 18 mm.

Price: 120 €Buy

RM1937   Topaz

Topaz Mountain, Thomas Range, Juab, Utah, United States

Topaz crystal aesthetically disposed on a rhyolite matrix. It shows several faces very well defined, with an excellent transparency and a uniform tone. From a classic locality.


Size: 7.5 x 8 x 5.5 cm.
Main crystal: 18 mm.