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    Luzenac, Ariège, France
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About Us

Rosell Minerals was born after many years of dedication and devotion to Mineralogy. All these years, in which minerals have been part of my life, they have expanded my circle of friends and have allowed me to adventure and travel around. And I owe it all to an old school teacher from a small mining town in Huelva province.

Minas de Riotinto - Riotinto Mines Corta Atalaya

In the 80's, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I received by post some carton boxes containing full of stones, not minerals for me at the moment. These "stones" came from a far area of the Iberian Peninsula sent by a distant relative named Salvador Martín Canto who had been teacher at the Minas de Riotinto School. He liked to take long walks through the lunar landscape, Dalian perhaps, around this Andalusia mining village.

When the old Salvador saw a "stone" that glowed or had something that drew his attention, it was picked up and kept it. Once the box was filled it was mailed without delay. These "stones" rested a while until curiosity drove me to try to classify them ... and there began the hobby. Many mineralogists share similar beginnings, with touches of their own.

Mina Atrevida - Vimbodí - Poblet Mina Eureka - Vall Fosca

As in any hobby, you share your experiences with other colleagues, attacked by the same virus themselves. This is the best way to consolidate and grow your interests. So I started to join the Grup Mineralògic Català in Barcelona. Since then, thanks to my Chemistry degree and experience, I have never ceased to take part in everything that concerns to the mineralogy scientific aspect.

After a long meditation, with the great support from many friends and some life changes, I thought about this exciting new challenge. From Rosell Minerals we would like to offer you the best minerals -minerals we enjoy-, some of them rare, others with an aesthetic shape, others interesting for its locality... not like a simple commodity, like an emotion, we would like that each specimen has its own history, its scientific interest, its value ... We also would like to make known classic mineral deposits as Lengenbach (Switzerland), Carrara (Italy) or Trimouns (France), not to mention minerals from Spain. You will find cabinet size minerals; we also have specimens for those who prefer a more other sizes and also for micromineral collectors.

Trimouns Talc quarry - Luzenac- Ariège Trimouns Talc quarry - Luzenac- Ariège

Also from Rosell Minerals we want to divulge the Mineralogy, creating new vocations, and helping new collectors. We will try to advise and provide resources to those who want to plunge into the mineral photography and optical microscopy, mineralogy literature, specialized mineralogical education and everything that you propose.

We look forward to your sympathy and support.

Best Regards
Joan Rosell – Rosell Minerals

¿How to get Rosell Minerals?

Rosell Minerals is based in El Prat de Llobregat, just a few minutes from the Barcelona International Airport and 20 to 25 minutes from Barcelona city center. Minerals Rosell is not an open store. Therefore if you want to come to visit us please notify in advance. We will be very glad to welcome you. To reach our office can take different routes.


C. Indústries, 57, entresol 3a

08820 El Prat de Llobregat

Barcelona - SPAIN

Tel. +34 93 4786796

M. +34 656648499

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From El Prat Train Station, you can take bus lines PR1, PR2, PR3 and PR4 and get off at the Carretera de la Marina with Montserrat Avenue bus stop (6th stop - 5 minutes).

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