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RM1987   Zunyite with hematite

Qualat-e-Balat salt dome, Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran

Very sharp zunyite crystal with good luster, coloured by red hematite inclusions and with some small brilliant foliaceous hematite partially included in faces. Very clean tetrahedron form, truncated by cube faces. Tetrahedron edge is 12 mm. Disposed very aerial on the hematite matrix. A good sized and perfect crystallographic specimen of this species, a rare sorosilicate of aluminum and chlorine, with fluorine. . New finding in Iran.

Size: 2.8 x 2.4 x 1.5 cm.
Main crystal: 12 mm. edge/arista
Found in 2018


RM1979   Vanadinite with Baryte

Coud'a area, Mibladen, Khénifra, Meknès-Tafilalet, Morocco

Floater specimen. Excelent group of vanadinite crystals showing a defined hexagonal shape, with very well defined faces and edges, intense red color. Good brilliance and some transparence, with internal reflections between red and orange. Crystals size is remarkable. A piece with two faces. One of them, crystals are disposed in an isolated way on a barite lenticular rosette crystals. In the other, they are forming rich crystalline groups. The presence of this baryte matrix is highly appreciated by collectors and gives to the specimen a special aesthetics.

Size: 9.4 x 5.2 x 4.4 cm.
Main crystal: 8 mm.
Found in 2013.

Classic locality

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RM1906   Twinned calcite

Hobbs quarry, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom

This English specimen shows us a group of calcite crystals, one of them of larger size, interpenetrated, twinned, with a color between honey to white. With defined faces and edges, translucent. In the back it shows a exfoliated part. A sample from a mine not well represented in collections. From the Adrian collection, a dealer and collector from the United Kingdom. Label will be send with specimen.

Size: 9 x 6.4 x 6 cm.
Found in 09/1982

Fluorescent under long wave UV

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RM1884   Fluorite

Greenlaws Mine, Daddry Shield, Weardale, Co. Durham, England, United Kingdom

The Greenlaws mine is located in Weardale, in the northern Pennines of England, south of the small town of Daddry Shield. Around we find famous mines such as Rogerly, Boltsburn or Heights... This Greenlaws mine was worked for the galena between 1840 and 1901, being one of the most important lead mines in the area. In 2009 a group of collectors started the "Greenlaws mining project". After almost 5 years digging out the vertical shaft over 80 meters (270 ft) appeared the first specimens of fluorite, ending 2013.
This specimens we propose has been extracted from vugs found in a new connecting tunnel at 270 ft, between main shaft to a second contiguous adit. Good brilliance, transparence, with geometric color zoning that varies between purple to blue according to the incident light. With defined faces and edges and these characteristic whitish internal structures. Extremely fluorescent.

Size: 11 x 10.5 x 5.5 cm.
Main crystal: 14 x 12 mm.
Found in 07/2018.

Fluorescent under long wave UV

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