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RM1885   Meteorite NWA 11444 Lunar

Moon meteorite, Mauritania

Samples of this recent found meteorite NWA 11444, a Lunar (melt breccia) with a moderate weathering, were collected at an unknown locality, with hearsay evidence suggesting that this was somewhere in Mauritania. The sample material was purchased in 2017 by Graham Ensor from Ali El Wali. Some fragments were found on the surface, which have a dark, pitted surface colouration due to desert weathering. Other pieces were recovered from within the soil layer and are lighter in color with patches of reddish soil and relatively unpitted.
Mineral compositions and geochemistry: Pyroxenes show wide compositional variation, with both high and low Ca varieties present.
More info on the website of the Meteorical Society. A small piece of the Moon in hand...

Place of purchase
: Morocco -  Date: 2017
Main mass: Graham Ensor -  Finder: Ali El Wali
Mass (g): 1323 - Pieces: about 200
Class: Lunar (melt breccia)

Size: 17 x 15 x 3 mm. (1.04 g).
Found in 2017.

Meteorito Lunar - Lunar meteorite