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RM1067   Quartz with inclusions

Vasquez-Yacopí, Boyacá, Colombia

Large group of prismatic quartz crystals showing well developed prism with brilliance and excellent transparency. Some of them have unknown filamentous inclusions those give further mineralogical interest to this specimen. From a known mining area, but these specimens are not well represented in collections.


Size: 8.3 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm.
Main crystal: 30 x 4 mm.
Found in ca. 2009.


RM920   Emerald Beryl with calcite

Coscuez mine, Muzo, Vasquez-Yacopí, Boyacá, Colombia

A very sharp emerald crystal "trapped" between calcite crystals. The color, transparence and brilliance of these crystal are more than excellent. It shows a very defined prism, with a perfect top pinacoidal face and hints faces of the dipyramid, observed between the prism and the pinacoid. Some interesting color zoning can be observed in its lower part. A true gemmy miniature.

Size: 3,5 x 3,0 x 3,0 cm.
Main crystal: 11 x 5 mm.


RM921   Emerald Beryl with calcite

Coscuez mine, Muzo, Vasquez-Yacopí, Boyacá, Colombia

A gemmy emerald crystal with an intense color, disposed very aerial on a matrix with calcite and small crystals of the same mineral. It shows a developed prism, with curious growths on faces, and a terminal pinacoid showing natural corrosion forms and a small dent, which does not affect its aesthetics. Good transparence and brilliance. Good choice with an excellent price.

Size: 4,5 x 4,5 x 2,4 cm.
Main crystal: 11 x 7 mm.