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RM1730   Lorenzenite

Umbozero mine, Shomiokitovoe pegmatite, Alluaiv Mt, Lovozero, Murmanskaya Oblast', Northern Region, Russia

It is not very common to find specimens of lorenzenite, a rare sodium silicate titanate, of these Russian pegmatites. The piece shows some crystals with defined faces and edges, intense black and brilliance, some doubly ternminated. Very interesting specimen collected in this large agpaitic pegmatite body discovered in 1996 on the northern flank of the Umbozero mine on Alluaiv Mt. Intensely hydrothermally reworked, extremely Na-rich, CO2-rich and relatively Si-rich pegmatite. We will send analysis to the buyer.

Size: 4.6 x 4.0 x 3.6 cm.
Main crystal: 10 x 7 mm.

Analyzed specimen with report

Price: 85 €Reserved