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RM2210   Baryte

Muscadroxius-Genna Tres Montis Mine, Silius, Sarrabus-Gerrei, Sardegna, Italy

Group of prismatic baryte crystals, doubly terminated and well defined, with good luster and transparency. They are disposed very aerially on the matrix. The history of the Silius mines begins in the first decades of the 20th century, particularly in 1916, when the first research permits were registered for the galena. It was in the early 1950s that the focus was on major fluorite outcrops and in 1953 the first company to obtain the mining concession for the exploitation of the rich fluors of fluorite and galena was created, the Mineraria Silius SpA, active until 2006.

Size: 6.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm.
Main crystal: 20 mm.


RM1641   Anglesite & Galena

Monteponi, Iglesias, Carbonia-Iglesias, Sardegna, Italy

Very rich group of anglesite crystals, which show very good transparence, defined faces and edges, formed by first and second order prisms. They are disposed in a cavity of the galena matrix. From a classic Italian locality from where it is not easy to find anglesite specimens of this quality in the market. It comes from the former collection of L. Daunis (Barcelona) with handwriten label.

Size: 6.0 x 5.5 x 4.0 cm.
Main crystal: 15 x 4 mm.


RM739   Cerussite with Galena

Monteponi, Iglesias, Carbonia-Iglesias, Sardegna, Italy

This specimen is from a former Italian collection of early last century, G. d'Anna. It is known that a so called Giusseppe d'Anna of Telve was a military hero of World War I (see minrec). Also accompanying label store minerals Freiberg Mining Academy (more info). This fact and quality make this sample very special. The piece presents a prismatic crystal of cerussite embedded in a galena matrix. A very interesting and historic specimen.

Size: 5,0 x 4,3 x 3,8 cm.
Main crystal: 14 x12 mm.

Ex-col. G d'Anna (Italia) and Mining Academy Freiberg.
Fluorescent under long wave UV