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RM708   Cerussite "Jackstraw"

Flux Mine (Goshen Mine), Flux Gulch, Alum Gulch, Patagonia Mts., Harshaw, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona, United States

A huge size and top quality "Jackstraw" cerussite specimen. The "jackstraw" habit consists of numerous randomly oriented elongated crystals. The best known locality for this "jackstraw" type are those specimens from the Flux mine, in Arizona.
It is formed by a rich group of elongated cerussite crystals with an intense white color, divergent growth and good brilliance. In a limonite matrix. Both sides are mineralized. A classic specimen from this American locality. It was adquired by Gerard Vogel (Netherlands) in 1961, in California.

Size: 9,5 x 6,1 x 4,2 cm.
Main crystal: 27 x 3 mm.
Found in 1960's.

Ex-coll. Dr. Gerard Vogel (NL).
Fluorescent under long wave UV