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RM3060   Stilbite and smoky quartz

Rientallücke, Riental, Reusstal, Uri, Switzerland

Excellent specimen formed by numerous sheaf aggregates of stilbite (Desmin in the label) crystals. Colourless to slightly yellowish. They are accompanied by smoky quartz crystals, very visible on the backside of the specimen. This piece belongs from the Freiberg Bergakademie, specifically its label tells us that it was sold in the shop that was created to sell minerals, surely for students. The handwritten label can be related to Wilhelm Maucher (maucherite, 1879-1930), a mineralogist and mineral dealer in Munich and who was a "faktor" with the school between 1904 and 1909.

Size: 10.4 x 5.5 x 2.8 cm.
Found in ±1904-1909.

Freiburg Bergakademie Mineralien-Niederlage.