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RM1086   Lavendulan with arsencrandallite, yukonite, conichalcite and azurite

La Reconquistada claim, Calicata cercana de la mina Dolores, Pastrana, Mazarrón-Águilas, Murcia, Spain

Very aesthetic sprays of fan-shaped lavendulan crystals, with an intense blue color and perfectly defined under magnifiying glass. It is accompanied by green botryoidal aggregates of conichalcite (mainly in back side) and some azurite. Also yellowish spherules of arsencrandallite and brown yukonite. Lavendulan from Pastrana has been famous for its intensity of color and its crystallization.
The small prospect in La Reconquistada claim is near of the former Dolores iron mine, in the same area of La Atalaya and Umbria de Ramonete (Lorca) small mining operations for the attempted extraction of copper ores.

Size: 6.0 x 4.7 x 3.6 cm.