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RM929   Franckeite with jamesonite and stannite

Itos Mine, Ciudad de Oruro, Cercado, Oruro, Bolivia

A very rich specimen of this rare sulphosalt showing brilliant and sharp franckeite lanceolate crystals forming globular aggregates. They are accompanied by delicate and shiny needles of jamesonite and idiomorphic crystals stannite with a brown color and dull. This combination makes these samples pieces very interesting for systematic mineral collectors. We have analized each species and we will send analysis to the buyer.

Specimens from this mine are hard to distinguish from those of the neighboring San Jose mine and, since the administrative office for both mines was at San Jose, most Itos mine specimens in foreign collections ended up labelled "San Jose mine".

Size: 5,0 x 4,5 x 3.0 cm.
Main crystal: 4 x 3 mm. stannite

Mineral analizado / Analyzed species.