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RM2726   Smoky quartz and adular

Furka pass area, Oberwald, Obergoms, Goms, Valais, Switzerland

Doubly terminated smoky quartz crystal, very well defined, brilliant and transparent. It is disposed on a matrix with adularia crystals.

Size: 3.9 x 3.4 x 2.9 cm.
Main crystal: 3.1 cm.


RM2723   Smoky quartz

Furka pass area, Oberwald, Obergoms, Goms, Valais, Switzerland

Group of smoky quartz crystals of a very good size, complete, doubly terminated and with parallel growth. With transparence and brilliance and a uniform smoky tone. It comes from this classic Swiss locality.


Size: 8.4 x 5 x 4.3 cm.

Classic locality
Price: 150 €Buy

RM754   Siderite with muscovite, calcite and albite

Gerental, Geren, Oberwald, Goms, Valais, Switzerland

We always try to bring pieces from our travels to Switzerland. This curious specimen of siderite from the near Goms area is an example. This is a group of rhombohedral siderite crystals that show a curious and unusual curved parallel growth. They are partially covered by calcite and albite, accompanied by brilliant muscovite. From an unusual Swiss locality.

Size: 7,4 x 4,5 x 4,5 cm.
Found in 2007.