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RM776   Fluorite with celestine, dolomite and calcite

Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc. Quarry, Clay Center, Ottawa Co., Ohio, United States of America

Group of fluorite crystals with faces and sharp edges. One of them shows a good size for the locality. Its intensely toasted honey color is very particular. Note that it is extremely fluorescent with a yellowish tone. It is accompanied by several tabular crystals of white celestite and a group of calcite. It is difficult to find in the market samples of this mine without damages (this only has a almost invisible small dent) since they "fall down" in the geodes. An aesthtic American classic.

Size: 10,0 x 5,7 x 6,3 cm.
Main crystal: 4,2 x 3,5 cm.
Found in 2007.

Fluorescent under long wave UV