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RM2499   Ojuelaite with natropharmacosiderite and arsenopyrite

Ojuela mine, Mapimí, Municipio de Mapimí, Durango, México

Ojuelaite is a very rare zinc and iron arsenate named after the world famous Ojuela mine (Mexico), its type locality. The species, which belongs to the arthurite group, was accepted by the IMA in 1982 and is isostructural with whitmoreite. It is found in the oxidation zone of the Ojuela deposit, associated with scorodite, adamite and / or smithsonite.
In the article published by Cesbron, Romero and Williams [La mapimite et l'ojuélaïte, deux nouveaux arséniates hydratés de zinc et de fer de la mine Ojuela, Mapimi, Mexique. Bulletin de Minéralogie 104, 582-586. (1981)] two new minerals were described, mapimite and ojuelaite. The studied specimens were obtained thanks to the well-known Mexican mineralogist Don Manuel Romero.
In this specimen, ojuelaite is associated with natropharmacosiderite-pharmacosiderite, as shown by the XRD attached. The arsenopyrite matrix is partially covered by aggregates of natropharmacosiderite-pharmacosiderite crystals, with a green color, brilliant and with cubic shapes. The ojuelaite of this specimen is showing radial fibrous aggregates, with a silky luster and yellow color. We will send the analyzes to the buyer. Former Marcus J. Origlieri collection.
We can say that this specimen is among the best worldwide for this species, due to its size, richness, aesthetics and quality.

Size: 10 x 7.6 x 2.9 cm.
Main crystal: 3 mm rad. aggr.

Coll. Marcus J. Origlieri.
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