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RM1869   Baryte

Sterling Mine, Leeson Pocket, Stoneham, Weld Co., Colorado, United States of America

A very aesthetic cluster of prismatic, lustrous and gemmy, ice-blue baryte crystals with minor calcite from the named Leeson Pocket at the famous Stoneham locality of Colorado. The form is excellent and the largest crystals are doubly terminated. This fine piece is from the major 1989 finds and purchased to E. Kucera (Barcelona). Nearly pristine, only one crystal on the periphery is broken. An excellent specimen, uncommon in the market. A really interesting article in Rocks and Minerals available here.

Size: 6 x 3 x 2 cm.
Main crystal: 53 x 12 mm.
Found in ±1989.

Col. J.M. Manchion, Barcelona. #477, 1989 Kucera.
Classic locality