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Grube Lengenbach, Binn, Valais, Suiza


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The Lengenbach Quarry (LGB) is located in the Binn Valley (Valais, Switzerland) and it is famous among the mineralogist community for its unusual sulfosalt specimens.

These minerals have been highly appreciated in the past and also today, due to various factors: the rarity and the diversity of the mineral species collected, the notable perfection of crystals... and also for its esthetic contrast with the snowy dolomite matrix.

For nearly 200 years, many mineralogists from Europe have devoted a large number of efforts to study the peculiar mineralization of Lengenbach. Today, the geology of the quarry is known in detail as well as the structure of the crystalline sulfosalts collected there. The systematic studies of the collected minerals have contributed to the Mineralogy with a large number of new minerals never described before. Lengenbach is Type Locality for 29 accepted new minerals, 29 new sulfosalts and 1 new phosphate (2008).

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RM1654   Dufrénoysita

Lengenbach grube, Imfeld, Binn, Valais, Suiza

Nutrido agregado de cristales aciculares a filamentosos de dufrénoysita, brillantes, de tonos rojizos. Se disponen enuna cavidad de la matriz de dolomita, junto con pirita. La dufrénoysita pertenece al grupo de la sartorita y tiene por localidad tipo Lengenbach. Con la etiqueta de la Forschungsgemeinschaft Lengenbach (FGL): L-10-4404.

Medidas: 6.5 × 4.5 × 2.5 cm
Encontrado en 2010.

Localidad Tipo - Type Locality

Precio: 35 €Reservado