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The purchase process is simple and designed to give maximum facilities:

How to order:

  1. You select BUY on the sample and then a new tab will be created in your browser. This is your cart and items will be there reserved during 30 minutes.
  2. You could come back to the first tab "catalog minerals" if you want to buy more specimens. If you choose another one it will be added to the cart in the opened tab.
  3. To finish purchase you must confirm order on the cart tab.
  4. Then introduce all your details (name, surname, address, postal code...) and very important: your e-mail.
  5. You must indicate if you are going to pay by bank transfer, BIZUM or Paypal (+4% total amount).
  6. To complete the order must complete the box with a security code that appears to prevent automated access to the "no-human".
  7. Proceed to submit the request.
  8. Rosell Minerals will receive your order and we will confirm by email the availability of the specimens you request, the total amount (with detailed shipping costs) and / or suggestions about the order if possible.
  9. In case your specimen has been sold just before your request, we will notify you and offer other similar specimens.
  10. In the e-mail you will find the payment form:
    1. Bank Transfer or BIZUM: We will send the account data. You can send a copy of the receipt online at: After receiving receipt or confirmed your payment we will process your order.
    2. Paypal: We will send our PayPal e-mail and you could pay from your PayPal account.
  11. Once payment is confirmed your order will be sent by registered mail unless otherwise indicated.


International postage

To the products and minerals sent to the European Union we apply certified mail rates, return receipt confirmation. Under your request, your order will be sent by Courier or Messenger applying the additional costs. If you wish to have your specimens posted via Courier (SEUR, DHL, Fedex), please confirm it.

Customs/Duty Fees

It is the customer's responsibility to pay all associated customs or duty fees when minerals are being shipped internationally.


All customers are entitled to a 20 calendar day grace period from receipt of the purchase, for you to view specimens and decide if you wish to keep the specimen or return it. Money paid for the specimens, except the initial cost of postage, will be refunded upon receipt of the returned specimen on time, and in good condition.

Please, send them to:
Joan Rosell
C. Indústries, 57, entr. 3a
08820 El Prat de Llobregat


Minerals for sale on this website are owned by Rosell Minerals and they are priced in EURO (€), and payment will be charged in EURO (€). Main price is in Euro currency and all other amounts in different currencies are given. Your bank will set the final rate of exchange for your purchases. Instruments, microscopes and books will be paid in Euro.