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RM3029   Chalcedony and Opal

Vallecas, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

This specimen may not stand out for its beauty but for us it stands out for its location and the origin of the specimen. It is a chalcedony with opal from the area near Vallecas, in Madrid. Fluorescent under SWUV. The sample belongs from the Bergakademie in Freiberg and due to the attached labels we can place it in the 19th century, when Vallecas was a small village. Through the other labels we can also follow its evolution in collections until a few decades ago. A piece with history, without a doubt.

Size: 5.7 x 4.5 x 2.3 cm.
Found in s. XIX.

Freiberg Bergakademie; Min. Geolog. Inst. Hamburg; Col. M. Ruppe; Col. G. Klimm
Classic locality