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RM2718   Kolwezite and cobaltoan calcite

Mupine Mine, Kamoto, Kolwezi mining district, Lualaba, Congo, Democratic Republic of

Exceptional specimen of kolwezite, which occurs as globular aggregates of olive-green crystals, partially covered by a yellowish earthy patina. They are disposed on a matrix of pink crystals of cobaltoan calcite. An exceptional sample for the species. We have analyzed it to check the content of Co. The average of various analyzes indicates a Co: Cu ratio of 1: 2.3-2.6, consistent with some results from other specimens with 1: 2 ratios. Various black aggregates appear in the sample, sometimes partially covering kolwezite, which corresponds to heterogenite. Also with small malachite crystals.

Size: 9.8 x 7.5 x 6.2 cm.