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RM1542   Mimetite, tsumcorite-arsenbrackebuschite

Ojuela mine, Mapimí, Mun. de Mapimí, Durango, México

Rich group of very elongated mimetite crystals, some of them doubly terminated, brilliant, translucent and with a soft yellow tone. Mimetite specimens with this shape are unusual in Ojuela mine, usually globular. They are accompanied by aggregates of tiny yellow to orange crystals of tsumcorite-arsenbrackebuschite. They are disposed in a cavity of the goethite matrix. The specimen has been analyzed and the results will be sent to the buyer. It has been published in the mineral magazine "Paragénesis" (1-2017).

Size: 7.0 x 5.5 x 5.0 cm.
Main crystal: 20 x 2 mm.

Analyzed specimen with report