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RM938   Silver with calcite

Kongsberg mines, Kongsberg, Buskerud fylke, Norway

A very interesting specimen of silver from Kongsberg, a historical European locality. The Bally-Prior Museum, formed by Eduard Bally (1847-1926) in Schönenwerd (Switzerland), contained objects primarily from the fields of mineralogy and meteoritics, but also from zoology, anthropology, paleontology, archeology, and history. The mineralogical collection originally consisted of 5000 specimens from Switzerland and from worldwide localities. The paleontological and archeological collections consisted of over 5.000 objects. The mineral collection grew to over 10,000 specimens. The Bally-Prior Museum was closed due a lack of financing and its collections were sold off at auction in 2003. A portion of the collection is preserved today in the Cantonal Museum of Geology in Lausanne.

Size: 2.0 x 1.5 x 0.8 cm.

Ex. Bally Museum / Ex. Thomas Rabber coll.