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RM621   Ferro-actinolite with magnetite and pyrite

Valuengo, Jerez de Caballeros, Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain

A very rich group of prismatic crystals of ferro-actinolite of intense green, near to black color, brilliant, defined, with flattened terminal faces and some with pyrite on them. Aesthetics is excellent and the vertical disposition of the crystals makes this piece a different sample.
They are disposed on a matrix of albite with several rounded and brilliant magnetite crystals. Also with small pyrite with complex and interesting forms. This specimen is an excellent representative for the species and more, if possible, for this Spanish locality.

Size: 11,0 x 7,7 x 6,5 cm.
Main crystal: 18 x 2 mm.
Found in ±1980's.