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RM1027   Rhodonite with pyroxmangite, todorokite and tefroite

Serrana mine, El Molar, Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain

This specimen is from my old field trips to the El Molar (Tarragona) area. In this sample we combine rhodonite (more granular appearance, crystalline) with pyroxmangite (more compact appearance). Accompanied by black veins of todorokite. The tephroite, scarce, appears as patches of brownish tone. These differentiations rhodonite-pyroxmangite are indicative, both minerals usually appear mixed.

It is an old mine we call generically as Serrana mine, although in fact there are two different mines, with two separate dumps, one corresponding to the actual Serrana mine (with horizontal works), while the other (closest to the river and with vertical works) would be known as Manganese mine.


Size: 5.2 x 4.8 x 3.7 cm.
Found in 1980's.

Ex. col. Joan Rosell.