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RM650   Apophyllite-(KOH)

N'Chwaning II Mine, Kuruman, Kalahari manganese fields, Northern Cape, South Africa

The mine N'Chwaning II is well known worldwide for their specimens of olmiite or rhodochrosite, among many other mineral species. But this mine has also provided excellent samples of hydroxyapophyllites which are very different from the Indian specimens or any others. This is one of them, perhaps the best I've never seen.
A group of very aerial interpenetrated apophyllite-(KOH) crystals, very sharp. They show striated and defined pseudocubic prisms with small triangular faces of the tetragonal dipyramid on the dihedral angles. Very brilliant, translucent and with an excellent aesthetics. In addition, it presents isolated crystals on the matrix.

Size: 9,5 x 8,0 x 4,8 cm.
Main crystal: 9 x 8 mm.
Found in ±2000.