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RM2565   "Fir" Wood Opal

Warden, Grant Co., Washington, United States of America

The fossil woods of the US state of Washington have been well known since the 19th century. This specimen is a wood opal from this area and clearly shows the growth rings of the tree in question. If it is a fir tree or another member of the pine trees, it is already a subject on which we cannot pronounce ourselves.
As we can read in a brochure from the 80s (visit link): "Petrified wood is found throughout the state and is symbolic of our early forests. It represents a period of geological time when extensive volcanism buried great forests with volcanic ash and basaltic lava".

Size: 7.5 x 5 x 1.7 cm.
Found in ±1975.

Col. J. Astor, Barcelona.