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RM2197   Pyromorphite with coronadite and quartz

Bedures Hill, Meredo, Vegadeo, Asturias, Spain

As M. Calvo indicates in his work (Minas y mInerales de España), in the area of Bedures hill (or Vidures), in the municipality of Vegadeo, there are several mining works, some of them very ancient, in which various lead mineral species have been described and among them, pyromorphite stands out. This piece we propose, found by chance in a mineral show far from the mine that saw it born, shows a matrix of milky quartz, with iron oxides and a black layer of coronadite in one side. We can observe also several crystals of green pyromorphite on the surface. Some form divergent aggregates, others isolated, but with an intense green color, with zoning in some of them. They show hexagonal prisms truncated by pinacoidal faces and parallel growth aggregates. A very rare specimen for this Spanish locality.

Size: 5.5 x 4.8 x 4 cm.