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RM2105   Spinel

Green Monster Mountain, Prince of Wales Island, Ketchikan Mining District, Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, Alaska, United States of America

Rich specimen formed by numerous spinel crystals showing octahedral form, black colour, very brilliant and well defined faces and edges. Sample is accompanied by the label of Douglas "Doug" Toland, with notes those indicates it could be gahnite or chromite, but the semi-quantitative analysis done with SEM-EDS microscopy shows that it is spinel, not identified in the mine before. It is accompanied by probably grossular and chlorite. A good specimen for the species and for this cold locality.

Size: 4.8 x 4.7 x 4.5 cm.
Main crystal: 4 mm.
Found in 1977.

Ex. Douglas Toland.
Analyzed specimen with report