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RM436   Quartz with pyrophyllite and Pyrite

Arestui, Llavorsí, Lleida, Catalunya, Spain

A brilliant quartz crystals from a well known Catalan area, in the Pyrenees, very appreciated for the quality of its hyaline crystals. A rich group of quartz crystals showing a elongated prism and developed and deformed rhombohedral terminal faces. Transparence and brilliance are excellent, with very well defined faces and edges. They are partially covered by small aggregates of pyrophyllite, between colorless to slightly yellow, with some goethitized pyrite. These specimens usually occur in geodes and it is very common find them falled down inside the vug; this specimen shows that one of the crystals has been lost, without affecting the beauty of the whole. This huge size sample is a nice representative of the known Llavorsí's quartz crystals.

Size: 9,2 x 7,0 x 4,8 cm.
Main crystal: 3,7 x 1,4 cm.
Found in 2009

Classic locality