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RM1604   Čechite with fluorite

Maria Magdalena Mine, Rasa de l'Alzina, Ulldemolins, Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain

Probably čechite specimens from the "Rasa de l'Alzina" open pit works could be considered between the best crystals for the species worldwide. They are brilliant, black color and show a tabular shape defined by different order orthorhombic prisms and developed pinacoidal faces. They are disposed on a fluorite matrix. This finding is close to the Maria Magdalena mine, near of the beautiful town of Ulldemolins (Tarragona, Catalonia).
SEM-EDS and EPMA analysis show that, in some cases, on the čechite crystal surface we found copper content, but inside the crystal is near to pure PbFe<sup>2+</sup>(VO<sub>4</sub>)(OH), with minor Zn(II). In most specimens from other localities the presence of manganese is important, but these specimens are Mn free.

Size: 5.5 x 4.2 x 2.4 cm.
Found in 2016-2017.