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RM1889Hydroxyapophyllite-(K)Hightown Road Quarry, Co. Antrim, Reino Unido45 €x
RM1884FluoriteGreenlaws Mine, Co. Durham, Reino Unido190 €x
RM1329Arfvedsonite with feldsparJebel Ewargizen, Er Rachidia, Marruecos 55  35 €x
RM2072Acanthite and quartzMine d'Imiter, Tinghir, Marruecos180 €x
RM1322Quartz var. amethyst with orthoclase, epidote and actinoliteEr Rachidia, Marruecos 50  30 €x
RM1965Arsenopyrite with fluorapatiteMinas da Panasqueira, Covilhã, Portugal290 €x
RM1990FluoriteCantera Berta, Barcelona, España55 €x
RM1928ArsenopyriteMinas da Panasqueira, Covilhã, Portugal290 €x
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