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RM1867Elbaite and clevelanditeStak Nala, Gilgit, Pakistán65 €x
RM1602Quartz, Japan Law Twin with inclusionsMina Mundo Nuevo, Sánchez Carrión, Perú55 €x
RM1854AtzuriteTouissit, Jerada, Marruecos420 €x
RM1357Baryte and marcasiteBou N'has Mine, Er Rachidia, Marruecos 75  60 €x
RM1868ElbaiteStak Nala, Gilgit, Pakistán75 €x
RM1855WulfeniteTouissit, Jerada, Marruecos110 €x
RM1301Galena with pyrite, marcasite, chalcopyrite and sphaleriteBou N'has Mine, Er Rachidia, Marruecos 85  60 €x
RM1354Galena with pyrite and quartzBou N'has Mine, Er Rachidia, Marruecos 140  80 €x
RM2020Hydroxylherderite with muscovite and albiteMina Córrego Frio, Divino das Laranjeiras, Brasil95 €x
RM884Sphalerite with pyrite after pyrrhotite and arsenopyriteTrepča Stan Terg Mine, Kosovo-x
RM1923WulfeniteJianshan Mine, Bayin'gholin, China45 €x
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