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RM1319Pyrite with quartzBou N'has Mine, Er Rachidia, Marruecos 50  30 €x
RM2075DraviteYinnietharra station, Upper Gascoyne Shire, Australia-x
RM1347Baryte with marcasite, pyrite and quartzBou N'has Mine, Er Rachidia, Marruecos 75  60 €x
RM1970DjurleiteMina Las Cruces, Sevilla, España380 €x
RM1779Spodumene (var. hiddenite)Laghman, Afganistán 85  55 €x
RM1996LepidoliteGolconda pegmatitas, Governador Valadares, Brasil-x
RM1995CerussiteTouissit, Jerada, Marruecos-x
RM1767Gold with malachite and borniteBleida Far West, Ouarzazate, Marruecos170 €x
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