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RM1925WavelliteMauldin Mountain Quarries, Montgomery Co., Estados Unidos50 €x
RM1938PyromorphiteDaoping Mine, Guilin, China310 €x
RM1723Baryte and fluoriteBerbes, España65 €x
RM1930FluoriteJingbian Cu-Au deposit, Anqing, China 300  260 €x
RM1768Wire Silver and acanthiteMine d'Imiter, Tinghir, Marruecos145 €x
RM1461CalciteAgoudal Mines, Ouarzazate, Marruecos 65  45 €x
RM992Calcite with pyrite, galena, pyrrhotite and quartzTrepča Stan Terg Mine, Kosovo55 €x
RM1953Native copperBou N'has Mine, Er Rachidia, Marruecos80 €x
RM1765Silver cubic crystalsAït Ahmane (filon 53), Ouarzazate, Marruecos380 €x
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