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RM1938PyromorphiteDaoping Mine, Guilin, China310 €x
RM922Aurichalcite with calciteMina Ojuela, Mapimí, México65 €x
RM2017Fluorapophyllite-(K) on heulandite-CaPashan quarries, Poonah, India-x
RM2016Aquiles Serdán, México70 €x
RM1941Copper with cupriteBou N'hass Mine, Tinghir, Marruecos50 €x
RM1847RomanèchiteMéxico210 €x
RM1470Quartz (var. amethyst)Veracruz, México65 €x
RM1484Calcite and quartz with goethite inclusions Ouarzazate, Marruecos20 €x
RM1634WulfeniteMina Erupción-Ahumada, Ahumada, México85 €x
RM884Sphalerite with pyrite after pyrrhotite and arsenopyriteTrepča Stan Terg Mine, Kosovo55 €x
RM2040Roweite with Johnbaumite and andraditeShijiangshan mine, Ulanhad League, China-x
RM1894WulfeniteMina Erupción-Ahumada, Ahumada, México350 €x
RM1765Silver cubic crystalsAït Ahmane (filon 53), Ouarzazate, Marruecos380 €x
RM1767Gold with malachite and borniteBleida Far West, Ouarzazate, Marruecos170 €x
RM1427Skutterudite with dolomiteAït Ahmane, Ouarzazate, Marruecos45 €x
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